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Mission Statement for YЄS-Athletics

YЄS-Athletics™ exists to introduce children/athletes to the short-term and long-term health

benefits of quality exercise through activities and events that are based on the sports of

Track & Field and Cross Country, while fostering individual, club, league and event

development within these sports to further enhance and enrich each child’s participation

physically, socially, and emotionally. And, at all times, simply play and have fun.

YЄS-Athletics™ hopes to accomplish our mission by focusing on the following six objectives:

1. Establish fun neighborhood based activities, that are conducted in a timely manner, that are

based on the sports of Track & Field and Cross Country, that range from purely recreational to

competitive, that provide quality exercise and an opportunity for every child to adopt and enjoy

an active lifestyle.

2. Offer these activities free when possible or at an affordable cost and always in a positive learning

environment for everyone, including children, parents, coaches, officials and event organizers.

3. Whenever possible, organize youth participation (K-12) primarily by grades and as consistent aspossible with their school activities and normal school year calendar (September 1 – August 31)

so that all children may learn and (ultimately) progress together in Track & Field and Cross


4. Make participation in all activities and events fun and enjoyable while maintaining a commitment

to the physiology of proper training and technique for children as well as a commitment to

provide on-going event and sport based learning opportunities for coaches, athletes, parents

and officials to help ensure life-long participation and exercise.

5. Provide competition for those who enjoy competitive events with an organized advancement

process that gives states the opportunity to determine their own format for advancing athletes

that makes it possible to complete all outdoor national finals Track & Field competition by the

2nd weekend of July

and all national finals Cross Country competition by the 1st weekend in December.

6. At all times - - - simply play and have FUN.

For additional information, click on the YES-ATHLETIC logo.

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