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Track Meets

  • Meet information will be posted on our website as soon as available.

  • Athletes are expected to be at each meet. If you are unable to attend the meet – let your coach know as well as one of the Directors. If you are unable to get your child to a meet – please talk to the Coach or Directors who can assist with arranging transportation for your child.

  • Coaches will determine the athletes’ events for the week, depending upon their skill level, their success at practice, etc. The Coaches will finalize the events with the athlete no later than Thurs of each week. If you have questions about what your athlete will be competing in for the week please check with the Coaches.

  • Parents/athletes are responsible for providing their own travel, room, meet registration fees and food for all meets.

  • Arrive on time to properly warm up for your event. If you are unable to participate in a meet (illness, etc) , please contact one of the Directors or Coaches as soon as possible

  • Meets generally begin at 8:00 am and last until mid to late afternoon. Some may require a 1-2 hour drive. Due to a variety of issues, we cannot be sure exactly what time your athlete will compete. Coaches need to have the athletes there in time to prep them for their races, stretching, warm ups. Your athlete should plan to arrive 1-2 hours before their event starts and stay for the day (at least until they’ve completed their events). Other team members appreciate you staying to cheer them on.

  • Club Tent – Our club will have a tent set up for the benefit of our athletes each week. Some families choose to bring additional tents for themselves and their families. If at all possible, we would ask that OETC athletes locate as close to our club tent as possible. The club tent serves as a meeting place for coaches to locate the athletes when it is time to prep for their race.

Things to bring to Meets

Athletes are required to have fun & arrive at the meets in time to warm up properly.

  • Lawn Chair and/or blanket
  • Rain gear (poncho, dry socks)
  • Running shoes (flats)
  • Small ice chest to carry food and drink for the day (water, gatorade, fresh fruit, granola bars/power bars, sandwiches).
  • Umbrella (good for rain or sun)
  • Uniform - Singlet, shorts, sweats & spikes – please label your clothes and gym bag. 
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